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Aluminium strip for closures

Closures (stoppers) are the items that close various types of container.Aluminium strip has exactly the properties that closures need. Aluminum closure strips are used to seal a wide variety of glass bottles and bottle cans for soft drinks, nutritional drinks and the like. We provide closure Aluminium strip materials to meet customer needs for closures that protect a container's contents, open easily and are highly convenient.


Thickness (mm)
0.18 — 0.25
0.18, 0.20
Width (mm)
50 — 1250
813, 845, 833.8,835
+0.5, -0
Length (mm)
400 — 1000
+0.5, -0
Diagonal difference for sheet (mm)
1 max
Coil sizes (mm)
OD: 1450 max
ID: 75,150,300, 508
Coil density (kg/mm)
3.5 max

Offer for thickness and width outside the range may be quoted on specific request

Key features

  • Aluminium strip is impermeable to light and gas, it can be easily formed and it combines well with other materials.
  • We supply plain as well as lacquered Aluminium strip and Aluminium sheet made from alloyed aluminium in thicknesses ranging from 0.180 to 0.250 mm.
  • This high quality material can be used in conjunction with a wide range of lacquering systems to create functional and well-styled solutions for the catering industry and for domestic purposes.

Custom design

The Aluminium strip material can be used in conjunction with a wide range of colours to create well-designed, functional solutions to meet customers’ style requirements.
New surface appearances, designed to safeguard intactness and ensure high product recognition, are currently being evaluated.

Application areas

Screw caps for pressurized and unpressurized beverages, including carbonated soft drinks and spirits.
Pharmaceutical caps for bottles and special applications.
Dental cartridges.


A shiny end, in many shapes and colors. Aluminium strip has exactly the properties that closures need.
In our rolling mills, we produce strip and sheet for heat exchangers which overcome every challenge with ease - be it for heating, ventilation or refrigeration, or to keep mobility well tempered.
Anyone seeking shade from the sun places great emphasis on the effectiveness and quality of the products on offer. Aluminium venetian blinds provide the best possible shade from the sun, heat and from prying eyes.
The barrier properties and heat reflectivity of aluminium foil are widely used in building panels to improve insulation performance in modern building systems.
We supply pure aluminium strip, either with a clear, protective lacquer coating or with a heat-seal lacquer coating, in thicknesses from 0.060 to 0.120 mm.
There is a common misconception that a distribution transformer with copper windings is in some way more efficient, more reliable, or has higher short circuit strength when compared to a transformer with aluminum windings.
An extremely flexible reinforced aluminium foil flexible supply or extract ventilation ducting. Multi-ply aluminium and polyester laminate construction supported by a high tensile steel wire helix. Fire resistant.
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Aluminium strip for closures

AAluminium strip for closures 2

Aluminium strip for closures

Aluminium strip for closures